The Venue

The CIRED Workshop 2022 will take place at UNESCO World Heritage site Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto.

This historic building is located in the old city centre of Porto, by the Douro River, and hosts the Museum of Transport and Communications.

Edifício (24)


Rua Nova da Alfândega
Edifício da Alfândega
4050-430 PORTO

Bus stop “Alfândega”, travel ticket Z4

Arquivo Plateia (4)

How to arrive

There are two options to arrive to the Congress Centre from the airport:
  • Catch the metro “Line E”, Destination “Estádio do Dragão”. Exit at “Trindade”
    Travel ticket: Z4
    At “Trindade” change to “Line D” – Destination “Santo Ovidio” and exit at “São Bento”
    Travel ticket: Use same travel ticket as before
    Exit the metro station and at the STCP bus stop, catch the “500″ bus – Destination “Matosinhos (Mercado)”- Exit at “Alfândega” bus stop.
    Travel ticket: Use same travel ticket as before
  • Taxi – aprox. 25 minutes